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Network Operation & Maintenance

Network Operation & Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

  • Development and Implementation of Preventive Maintenance Procedures
  • Faulty Hardware Repair & Return Management
  • Cell Site Health Checks
  • OFC route surveillance and maintenance
  • Comprehensive/non Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Support active Network Element under managed service category

Telecom Implementation Project

  • Installation & Commissioning of telecom equipment’s like access NW consisting of
  • MW (Ethernet -IP interface),OFC ,SDH , equipment & BTS 2G,3G of GSM and CDMA
  • Software & Hardware up gradation at cell site on need based

Network Planning & Optimization

  • Site survey and at least 03 sites to be identified for selection of each sites
  • LOS site survey for MW planning
  • RF Drive test for GSM/CDMA Network and optimization
  • SCFT and cluster optimization
  • inclusive of RF & Transmission Planning, Design & Optimization
  • EMF survey, measurement and compliance